Male and Female Athletes of Any Sport Can Benefit from Sportsguard/Mouthguard


Male and female athletes of all ages can likely benefit from this protection. However, if you’re currently wearing braces, have missing or unrepaired teeth, or have suffered from joint pain in the past, it may not be the best option for you.  Talk to one of our Dentists if you have any concerns about whether a customized Sportsguard is right for you.

Fitting Your Sportsguard

Getting a customized Sportsguard is both quick and easy, and can be done in conjunction with another planned visit to the dentist. We’ll make impressions of your teeth to ensure an optimal fit. After getting your impressions finished, we’ll call you when your Sportsguard is ready for you to pick up. 

Customization and Care

Have a favorite sports team, or want to honor your own team? We do offer a choice of colours. Generally,  one Sportsguard will last an entire season, assuming you don’t chew on it or have some sort of drastic changes to your teeth or jaw in the interim. 

Cleaning your customized Sportsguard is easy and can be done with the same products you use to clean your teeth. Ask your hygienist or Palmerston Dental for additional information.